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Why Do We Make Digital Menu Boards So Difficult?

For any business that has menus on-site, you might find that it’s hard to keep them updated. However, by having to pay out for new menus to be delivered to every store because of a single typo or a new product offering, your business spends more than it has to on its marketing of products and services. It’s for this reason that companies like truDigital offers comprehensive digital signage and menus for your business. That being said, digital menus can pose their own challenges – many of them needless.

Why, then, do we make the management and control of a digital menu board such a headache-inducing experience?

For example, most people still get really worked up about the layout. When you use a platform like a menu board in a restaurant or service-based business, most people see the word ‘digital’ and freak out. They think all of their old menu ideas, branding designs and everything else more or less becomes obsolete. They worry that with the new-age designs being used that people simply will or cannot make the progress that they need.

None of this, of course, is true. Digital menus are laid out exactly the same way as a normal menu. What looks good on a big piece of card that is put up as a standard advertising board will still look good on an HD screen. Where you used to place the burger next to the menus and the pricing for the burger deals still looks great.

Whether you work with truDigital for any other digital signage firm, you should disregard this latent fear that you need a ‘new’ kind of marketing. It’s a new form of presentation that is easier to change, adjust and edit; that is all that is new. There is no need for old layouts that looked great to be disregarded; they merely need to be digitized.

Evolution, Not Revolution

All of the things that have worked for decades in advertising still work. People don’t magically become impervious to the old marketing styles that worked so well since marketing began because it’s pixels instead of being printed – that much is a fact.

Switching from the old styles does not mean having to reduce and get rid of everything that your team knows about marketing up until now – it is just simply not how the marketing industry works, no matter how many people think that way.

Instead, do yourself a favor; take a look at what you are fretting over and make a conscious decision not to get so worked up over it. All that has changed here is the fact that you have more power to cost-effectively change marketing on an advert; you don’t need to spend money re-fitting all of those static advertising cards.

What looks good on an advertising card, though, has not changed. It still looks great on-screen – don’t resist this positive change as it can help to transform the very image that your business puts forth.

If anyone tries to tell you that digital signage for menu management has to be totally different from the good old days, they are wrong. This is merely a progression of presentation, not a wholesale transformation in how such objects should be handled and cared for – so fear not!