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Two Reasons Video Can Amp-Up Your Display

Two Reasons Video Can Amp-Up Your Display

If the rise of television, movies, and more recently, YouTube say anything, it’s that people love watching video. Video is inescapable. News outlets, entertainment companies, and even schools, are filled with video, and consumers can’t seem to get enough.

One of the main advantages of using digital signage is that you can advertise in entirely new ways, including video. Don’t have the budget for TV ads? You can still use video to reach your customers. Simple interfaces like the one provided by truDigital allow you to easily display limitless content on your digital sign, and that includes video.

Here are two reasons to use video in your digital sign:

Video is engaging.
Video can captivate your audience in a way other mediums can’t. It can quite literally speak to customers, letting them know about regular promotions, or current events in your company. Even if you don’t produce your own content, piping relevant video into your location is all but guaranteed to improve your customer experience.

Wait times seem quicker
We all hate sitting in a waiting room, but studies have shown that if a waiting room contains engaging content like video, perceived wait times are decreased. This means your customer will undoubtedly have a better experience each time they are asked to wait.

In short, video provides an accessible medium in which information can be displayed, and products can be pushed. If you’re not displaying video, you could be missing out on the full potential of your digital sign.