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truDigital Signage is Now an Official Digital Signage Federation Member

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—February 12, 2014—truDigital, a provider of premier cloud-based digital signage solutions, has become an official member of the Digital Signage Federation.

With the Digital Signage Federation, you will find a welcoming place to contribute freely in an atmosphere that is truly open, unbiased and dedicated to the full constituency of the digital signage industry – where you are not evaluated by the size of your company, but rather, judged by the value of your ideas.

We are all members of an infant industry which is growing in many directions simultaneously. We all need to share our voices, thoughts and ideas to ensure that meaningful growth continues in ways that benefit each of us individually and collectively. Being active in the DSF enhances open discourse of share-able ideas, educational opportunities for all, and sanctioned certifications – all of which make our industry better.

There are many tangible reasons to join, not the least of which is an opportunity to network with some of the leaders at the forefront of the digital signage industry. You will be able to learn, interact, and measure yourself against the best that the industry has to offer and stay abreast of the latest trends. You will take part in defining the quality standards for an emerging industry to help set the benchmarks for industry ethics and accepted modes of behavior.

As one member said, “I joined the DSF because I wanted in at the beginning of the newest medium that reaches consumers when they formulate opinions and decide to make purchases. I wanted to be a part of an organization and industry that is immersed with consumer behavior and decision making…. it is an exciting place to be.”

About the Digital Signage Federation
DSF’s Mission is to support and promote the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage, interactive technologies and the digital out-of-home network industries. The DSF is a not-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage industry reflecting the diversity of its membership. It promotes professional recognition through certifications, continuing education, conferences, publications, and presentations offered by the DSF and affiliate groups. It provides government lobbying to leverage the collective strength of members and represent their interests at the higher levels of government and the community. The DSF provides leadership and networking opportunities focused on building a strong foundation for the advancement of the digital signage industry.

For more information, please visit truDigital’s profile page on the Digital Signage Federation website.