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The Problem with Traditional Marketing, Digital Signage to the Rescue

The Problem with Traditional Marketing, Digital Signage to the Rescue

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ve come to know that digital signs are superior to traditional marketing materials in almost every way, especially when functioning as menu boards. Recently, one of our associates encountered a particularly glaring problem with a restaurant’s traditional plastic back-lit sign.

“The other day, I left the office to get some lunch at a national restaurant chain. As I got in line, I looked up at the menu board and noticed that something was wrong. Three of the combo meal options had a sticker placed over the photo. The sticker read ‘PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE.’”

This is a huge problem for the franchise for two reasons: One, it makes the store owner, and the corporate entity for that matter, seem unprofessional and ill-prepared. Second, those three slots were in prime positions to push product, and because they contained outdated information, they were useless.

Problems like this crop up all the time with traditional signage. A franchise owner, most often through no fault of his or her own, can easily be trapped by forces outside his or her control.

Ten years ago, the owner or manager wouldn’t have a choice but to wait for a new plastic sign to be designed, printed, and delivered; a process that could take several weeks. Investing in digital signage promises less headaches and more flexibility with real-time results. If you haven’t made the switch to digital signage, you’re running the risk of making your store look unprofessional and ill-prepared. Make the switch today.