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Employee Facing Digital Signage for a Better Workplace

Let’s cut to the chase short and sweet. Digital signage has evolved. Period and end of sentence. It began as a means of advertising and then it took on the patina of providing a “wow factor” for the viewer and collecting impressions that could not be ignored. Yes, it is still all that but to an ever increasing extent, it has moved beyond those paradigms to so much more. Of course this begs the question of defining what “more” actually is. In this case “more” refers to more communication, more devices, more locations, more content, more calls to action, more responses, more ability to measure, more return on objectives, and finally, all of this information delivered to more targeted people who are then able to be more productive.


Want Effective Workplace Digital Signage? Think Like a Brand Manager

You bought your digital signage to help communicate your company’s important issues to your employees, right? While that’s a great first step, the important next one is to make sure the content collection is coherent and well designed.

Unfortunately, many digital signage users simply take all the content they have around, like Word docs, PowerPoints, photos and spreadsheets and load ‘em all up into the digital signage system. The result can look like my desk by Friday morning — a mess.

internal comm

How Digital Signage Can Improve Internal Communications In the workplace

If you were to ask any employer what they would like to see from their workforce, answers such as “loyal,” “driven” and “committed” would most likely be the most popular — not forgetting, of course, the age old “always willing to go the extra mile.” It is a natural ambition for any corporation to aim for high levels of productivity from their employees, and numerous studies have shown a direct link between a company achieving increased revenue and generally better results when their workforce is highly engaged. If you aren’t convinced, research by Dale Carnegie Group found that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202 percent.