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Ways Of Accurately Measuring Digital Signage ROI

Ways Of Accurately Measuring Digital Signage ROIA

Accurate measurement of ROI for your digital signage network is germane to the success of your business. The essence of this is to justify how much your business has invested in a digital signage network as well as to adjust (where necessary) the deployment, content and other variables to increase the impact of your network immediately it kicks off. Accurate measurement of ROI is not an easy process. Hence, you should incorporate the development of the right and needed measurements into your plans and network testing.


3 Ways Companies Use Digital Signage to Improve Corporate Communication

In a business, one of the biggest mistakes that can be made is a lack of contact and understanding from department to department. In a bid to avoid this problem, most companies should be looking to find a way of bridging that gap. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to replace static and easily outdated – and expensive – options like poster boards or banners with something more modern: like digital signage.

This allows the message to change as needed, and put together an interesting and more insightful way to keep everyone in the business informed and engaged.


5 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Employee Engagement

The success of an organization is dependent on its employees. Engaged employees are enthusiastic and committed to their jobs. They understand goals and objectives of the organization and are committed to its overall success. Engaged employees are less likely to leave the organization to pursue other opportunities. The Bureau of National Affairs states, “U.S. businesses lose $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover.”

There is no debating the economic benefit of employee engagement. Results include higher productivity, better employee retention, a positive, more creative environment, and generally a better place to work for everyone. So how do you improve employee engagement in your organization? Here is a five step guide:

Public sector

4 Ways Digital Signage Makes The Public sector run better

It wasn’t that long ago that digital signage was considered expensive and out of reach for most organizations. However, as the technology has matured and costs have come down it has become practical and useful for all organizations, including for public sector such as cities, towns, state and federal governments, and schools.

Public sector entities are increasingly turning to digital signage as they discover the many ways it can help these organizations operate and use tax dollars more efficiently. In fact, the public sector may prove to be one business type that benefits disproportionately from digital signage. Here are four ways digital signage can make the public sector run better.


5 Ways to Make the Most of Digital Signage in Education

How did your college get information out back when you were in school? Were there crowded cork boards complete with often-ignored extortions not to post any unapproved signs? Or perhaps you attended college a little more recently and received endlessly long and frequent announcement emails, most of which you deleted unread.

Colleges are places where tons of information is distributed every day — and not just in classes. Students want to hear about everything from that day’s lunch options to their professors’ office hours to emergency alerts. Administrators and other people responsible for getting that information out often find it challenging to get relevant information to students and visitors without also overloading them with info they don’t need.