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3 Tips to Ensure Digital Signage is Successful in Restaurants

How Can Digital Signage Ensure Better Success in Restaurants?

Without doubt, one of the industries that is most likely to see positive growth in the digital era is restaurants. As people can get closer than ever to seeing the full options and experiences open to them on the food market, it’s becoming easier than ever for advertising techniques like digital signage to be seen as a viable marketing strategy.

Companies like truDigital help people to get a high-class service in making sure their restaurant can make the most of this kind of marketing platform.


3 tips to Engage Retail Customers as they Wait

What do you do when you wait in line at Starbucks? Do you scroll through your Facebook news feed? Maybe you reply to your emails, or check the headlines on Twitter? Whatever it is, waiting time in the retail world is almost inevitable. However, it’s also an opportunity for businesses to engage and connect with their audience through tools such as digital signage.

Rather than leaving your customers to stare down at their phones, use that time to connect them with your brand. In this article, we’ll show you three quick and simple steps for starting to plan the engagement of your retail audience while they wait.


8 tips for a successful digital signage deployment out of the gate

Digital signage can be a great resource for engaging your employees and clients, as well as emphasizing your brand identity. However, if you deploy your digital signage solution without some planning, you could end up with ignored screens and wasted time. With just a little extra effort, your digital signage solution can launch out of the gate ready to impress your colleagues with polished content for effective engagement.

Here are our top eight tips for having flawless digital content on day one:


Tips for selecting digital signage displays

The flat-panel display is a highly visible element of digital signage application. During the specification and selection process, it becomes clear that many options exist. This article addresses the selection of flat panel displays for use in interior and outdoor, weather-resistant housings.

End-users tend to not get overly excited over flat-panel selection unless the deployment is large or very high profile to the digital team. Smaller system integrators that are expected to provide trustworthy, fact-based objectivity tend toward recommending the familiar and are advised to assess a wider range of options and models given advancements in flat-panel features. Larger system providers and operators such as Stratacache that provide to Walmart, McDonald’s and other retail, food services and banking end-users, operate lab and testing facilities to ensure the most suitable flat panel display is selected for the end-user application.