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Basics of Designing Content for Digital Signage

Far too often we forget that when we communicate we’re attempting to share something with someone else. Communication is a mutual experience as opposed to a “push” system that merely sends information from one source to another. This is especially applicable when designing content for digital signage. The message being shared should engage the audience so they understand the message and take the appropriate action.

Delivering information to an endpoint isn’t necessarily successful communication. It takes careful consideration to craft the message and effort on both the recipient’s and sender’s part. Although it’s impossible to control the audience’s viewing patterns, preconceptions or distractions, working hard to break through those barriers to convey clear, unambiguous communications is so important


Digital Signage + Government Access Channel = Success!

We recently had one of our customers come to us with a unique request. They wanted to take our digital signage platform and have it run on their government access channel provided to them by the local cable provider for the city.


How to Properly Use Audio With Your Digital Signage Solution

Audio can be a powerful tool when paired with a digital sign. Most often, the audio will be part of a video being displayed on your sign, but not always. Whether announcing a promotion, or the weather, audio can be a great way to catch the attention of a potential customer. It’s just another way digital signage outperforms traditional signage.

Make sure it’s audible
There are few things more frustrating than watching a video when the sound is too low. Unless your entire customer base can read the lips of an ever-present narrator, be sure to set the volume level to something within the human range of hearing.

Digital Signage Tip - Keep Your Content Fresh

How to Keep Your Digital Signage Content Fresh

Digital signage comes with a myriad of advantages, but when utilized improperly, it can fall just as flat as traditional media can on today’s audiences. Modern audiences expect dynamic, engaging content that holds some kind of value. Whether it be a promotion that could mean real savings, pertinent news and information, or a daily laugh, consumers need a reason to engage with your content. Digital signs are meant to be dynamic, easy-to-use displays that engage customers, not bore them.

Keeping your content interesting means keeping it fresh. If your customers are met with the same content day in and day out, the content will become stale to them, no matter how interesting it once was.

The Problem with Traditional Marketing, Digital Signage to the Rescue

The Problem with Traditional Marketing, Digital Signage to the Rescue

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ve come to know that digital signs are superior to traditional marketing materials in almost every way, especially when functioning as menu boards. Recently, one of our associates encountered a particularly glaring problem with a restaurant’s traditional plastic back-lit sign.

“The other day, I left the office to get some lunch at a national restaurant chain. As I got in line, I looked up at the menu board and noticed that something was wrong. Three of the combo meal options had a sticker placed over the photo. The sticker read ‘PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE.’”