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Using Digital Signage For Better Retail Sales

Using Digital Signage For Better Retail Sales

Every now and then, retailers are faced with very intense competition- both with one another and other online counterparts. In addition, it becomes somewhat difficult to reach distracted customers who prefer looking up deals on their smartphones to concentrating on advertisements. Now, the question is, how can retailers stand above others? In other words, what purpose does digital signage serve in ensuring and improving a satisfactory customer delivery as well as enhancing the bottom line?

The Right Experience


3 tips to Engage Retail Customers as they Wait

What do you do when you wait in line at Starbucks? Do you scroll through your Facebook news feed? Maybe you reply to your emails, or check the headlines on Twitter? Whatever it is, waiting time in the retail world is almost inevitable. However, it’s also an opportunity for businesses to engage and connect with their audience through tools such as digital signage.

Rather than leaving your customers to stare down at their phones, use that time to connect them with your brand. In this article, we’ll show you three quick and simple steps for starting to plan the engagement of your retail audience while they wait.


Is digital signage the key to holiday retail training?

The holiday season is a stressful time for retail employees as they have to handle a storm of customers. Many retailers have to hire seasonal employees to handle the holiday rush, but training can be a difficult endeavor. How can retailers ensure employees learn quickly and retain the information all while working in a hectic environment? Can digital signage provide the key ingredient needed to get employees up to speed?


4 Challenges for Retail Digital Signage

Digital signage has the potential to produce some undeniably cool retail experiences. Using digital signage in retail isn't something you should rush into, especially if your budget isn't limitless. Mistakes make for higher costs and poor results.

Here are four common problems for you to identify and avoid.

1. Planning
Many of the biggest problems retailers run into have the same issue at their root: Incomplete or rushed planning.