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Digital Signage Market To Reach 31.7 Billion By 2025

In the year 2016, the global digital signage market size had its estimation at USD16,044.1 million and according to a study conducted by Research and Markets, the digital signage market has been predicted to reach the 31.71 billion USD mark by 2025 within the forecast period of 2014-2025. In addition, the market as a whole is anticipated to witness a 7.9% CAGR over the period forecast. This is for no other reason than the increase in demand for the services and accompanying products from end-use industries. On a large note, these are the retail and healthcare industries, which are expected to stir the growth of the industry through the period.


5 Digital Signage Future Trends Set To Change The Market

The Future Trends of Digital Signage

For years now, the world of digital signage has been utilized in a way that allows for businesses to promote themselves in the best way possible. As ever, though, times change and even digital signage is beginning to see a whole new range of trends come in to add new challenges. At truDigital, one of the most important discoveries we make is the changing of ideas, styles and practicalities within the world of digital signage.