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Three Advantages of Cloud Based Digital Signage

Many different forms of digital signage exist on the market today. All of them have eye-catching HD screens to get the attention of potential customers. Some run on a closed circuit, requiring intensive design and/or technical expertise, but one type of system stands out above the rest. Cloud based digital signage offers some unique advantages that other systems just can’t provide.

Anytime updates
Because services like truDigital are cloud based, they are accessible anytime from almost any device. A mobile-friendly interface means you can change your signage from anywhere. Whether you’re running late, or out of the country, you can change your promotions on-the-fly. Furthermore, if you are at the location, you’ll be able to see your changes almost immediately.

Why Digital Signs Beat Chalkboards

Why Digital Signage Beat Chalkboards

In the case of most small businesses, brand awareness may be driven solely by the logo on their storefront. Owners of these businesses often don’t know any other way of doing business. Traditional marketing such as TV spots and mailers are far outside the budget.

Coffee shops and similar businesses have long used the chalkboard as their primary way of communicating with the outside world, often employing talented chalk artists or witty, relevant messages. These strategies have proved useful to countless small businesses. So why do you need a digital sign at all? Couldn’t you just go out and purchase a chalkboard and a set of chalk for next to nothing? The answer, of course, is: Yes, you could. However, chalkboards don’t come with all of the advantages of digital signage. On the other hand, digital signage comes with all of the advantages of a chalkboard, and much more.