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What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a subset of signage which adopts diverse technologies like LED and LCD to display digital images, video, and information which are found mostly in public places. They represent large description on the screen displaying a particular content or images of your business- to reach out to potential customers and engage all consumers of the particular product or service. This comes in many sizes depending on the choice of the business owner or expertise of the digital signage provider.

All those TV screens you see in public places like stores, restaurants, and others are what make up Digital Signage.

Menu Boards

Why Do We Make Digital Menu Boards So Difficult?

For any business that has menus on-site, you might find that it’s hard to keep them updated. However, by having to pay out for new menus to be delivered to every store because of a single typo or a new product offering, your business spends more than it has to on its marketing of products and services. It’s for this reason that companies like truDigital offers comprehensive digital signage and menus for your business. That being said, digital menus can pose their own challenges – many of them needless.

Why, then, do we make the management and control of a digital menu board such a headache-inducing experience?


3 Tips to Ensure Digital Signage is Successful in Restaurants

How Can Digital Signage Ensure Better Success in Restaurants?

Without doubt, one of the industries that is most likely to see positive growth in the digital era is restaurants. As people can get closer than ever to seeing the full options and experiences open to them on the food market, it’s becoming easier than ever for advertising techniques like digital signage to be seen as a viable marketing strategy.

Companies like truDigital help people to get a high-class service in making sure their restaurant can make the most of this kind of marketing platform.


How to Overcome Content Challenges with Digital Signage

For any business that is serious about marketing, one of the most important challenges you face is managing content. For content to be a success, it has to overcome a series of different hurdles; with each making it harder and harder to find success. Thanks to digital signage and companies like truDigital, though, companies can make more intelligent progress on how to best manage their content needs.

What major challenges, then, can you use digital signage to try and overcome? How can it be sued to help maximize content quality?


5 Digital Signage Stats That Will Shock You

Digital Signage Stats That WillShock You

Having become one of the most important forms of advertising in the modern world, digital signage plays a critical role in how we come across. It’s an incredibly useful solution for creating advertising that can constantly change, can fit with just about any audience and offers something truly unique.

However, many people are still wakening up to the effective power of digital signage. In a bid to help you see why companies like truDigital are so passionate about signage, here are some pertinent facts to help you understand why it’s growing so exponentially.