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Typography in Digital Signage Content

A huge part of digital signage content design is function, and the function of digital signage is to communicate a message to your audience. So, the text of your message is extremely important. Typography can make or break your design. If no one can read your message, what’s the point of displaying it in the first place? The good news is, simple practices will keep the text of your campaigns readable and effective for as long as you use them.

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Creating Content your Audience Loves

More and more companies are embracing an interactive component to their marketing and sales strategies. It proves to be an excellent way to connect with their customer base and provides an additional revenue stream. However, installing a touchscreen kiosk or video wall doesn’t guarantee success or engagement from your customers. When it comes to your interactive experience, content is king. Here are some basic tips for creating content that your audience will love.

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10 Types of Digital Signage Content

A major factor to consider when choosing a digital signage software is what type of digital signage content the solution offers. Most digital signage software solutions offer various “templates” or “packages” for you to choose from like truDigital.

Even if you already know what kind of digital signage content you want to display, you may be surprised at the options that are available to you. Here are our 10 examples of great digital signage content!
1.) In-store promotions & campaigns | Use for: retail, restaurants, hospitality
2.) Motivational quotes | Use for: office spaces, gyms
3.) Menu boards | Use for: restaurants
4.) Directory boards | Use for: real estate, schools, offices
5.) Video advertisements | Use for: retail, restaurants
6.) Alert systems | Use for: schools & universities
7.) News | Use for: real estate, offices
8.) Waitlist | Use for: cafes
9.) Web pages | Use for: office spaces
10.) Social media walls | Use for: office spaces, retail, restaurants, hospitality

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Why Digital Signage Content is Key

What makes good content is easy to understand. If you want someone to read your newspaper, listen to your radio show, watch your TV program or look at your digital sign, you’d better give them a reason. That “tried and true” reason is content. It better be fresh; it better be interesting; it better serve your audience’s needs; and it better look just as professional as the competition’s presentation. And just as important, quality content must be presented in the proper context or otherwise interesting content becomes irrelevant.


Basics of Designing Content for Digital Signage

Far too often we forget that when we communicate we’re attempting to share something with someone else. Communication is a mutual experience as opposed to a “push” system that merely sends information from one source to another. This is especially applicable when designing content for digital signage. The message being shared should engage the audience so they understand the message and take the appropriate action.

Delivering information to an endpoint isn’t necessarily successful communication. It takes careful consideration to craft the message and effort on both the recipient’s and sender’s part. Although it’s impossible to control the audience’s viewing patterns, preconceptions or distractions, working hard to break through those barriers to convey clear, unambiguous communications is so important