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3 Questions to Ask About Your Digital Signage Content

Here are three high-level questions to help you figure out how good your content is (or isn’t).

1. How relevant is the content to your objectives? Many digital signage administrators starting out use lots of “eye candy,” that free or low-cost content floating around on the Internet. Sure it looks nice, but does it actually help you communicate your objectives? No. What it does do is help drive readership (see point #3), but that should only be one ingredient for effective digital signage. Your issues and objectives should directly drive most of your content.


The 4 Most Common Digital Signage Content Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Great, so you have successfully deployed a digital signage solution that fits your needs. You’ve followed all the proper deployment rules and have signage installed in strategic locations, and you can navigate the CMS software with the best of them — but do you actually know how to reap the benefits of digital signage?

The answer is having eye-catching fresh content. Sound painful? You’re not alone; many users struggle to keep their content looking awe-worthy! The good news is that most common digital content blunders are easy to remedy! After making a few simple changes to their strategy, users usually see an instant increase in audience engagement. To get you started, here are the four main mistakes customers seem to make when creating content for their digital signage:

black and white

Digital Signage Content Design Isn’t Always Black and White

Few people choose to watch a black and white movie if there is a color alternative, just as no one gets excited about plain, black on white text. The same rule applies to digital signage content. Color is key to audience attraction. In fact, it’s one of the main factors that connect viewers to a message.

Did you know that almost 85 percent of consumers said color was the primary reason that they purchase a particular product? Or that 93 percent of consumers look at the products overall visual appearance when they’re buying? Color improves comprehension, learning and readability. And it gets better, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent. Branding connoisseur, William Arruda, wrote in a Forbes article: “Color is powerful because it exudes brand attributes and makes you memorable. Are you using color appropriately to stand out?”

4 content stratedgy

Creating demand: 4 key elements of digital signage content strategy

As digital signage has become a more cost-effective and accessible solution, businesses of all sizes are looking to leverage the dynamic platform and maximize its potential.

Yet, to their own detriment, many brands mistakenly approach the platform with a warped perception of what types of content their customers crave and what really works in an effort to generate a return on their investment. To create greater demand and generate maximum value from digital signage, businesses need to implement effective content strategies that fully capitalize on the potential of the medium. It’s not enough to simply have content with a strong call to action — many other variables come into play.


Is content still king?

Content isn’t king — strategy is
Businesses across various industries are capitalizing on digital content to create endless opportunities for customer engagement. However, forward-thinking businesses don’t solely rely on content — they focus on the strategy behind it, constantly reminding themselves of why, when and how content should be used to capture the needs of their audience.

An effective communications plan does not solely rely on digital signage as an advertising platform, but instead incorporates it into the wider marketing strategy. By employing a marketing strategy focused around customer-centricity — which is in line with higher-level business objectives — organizations can then begin to deliver content that has purpose.