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Kneaders Bakery and Cafe selects truDigital Signage

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—January 22, 2014—truDigital, a provider of premier cloud-based digital signage solutions, was selected by Kneaders Bakery and Cafe to be their exclusive supplier of digital signage.

Kneaders not only wanted to be able to manage the customer experience throughout the day, they also wanted to ensure the look and feel of their digital menu boards blended seamlessly with their restaurant’s décor. They were able to accomplish both through the use of truDigital services, as well as new LED screens.


Green Garage Customers Can Now Display Their Rating On Their Digital Menu Board

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—December 10, 2013—truDigital announced today the integration between Green Garage and truDigital’s cloud-based digital signage solution.

truDigital worked with Green Garage to build an integration between the platforms in order to display several key “green” metrics, including suitability rating, a Greenhouse Gas rating, and an energy efficient rating on the Digital Menu Boards of select common customers.

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