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Start Swimming in this Down Economy

Start Swimming in this Down Economy

For most businesses, it’s a sink or swim economy out there, and swimming means keeping up with ever-changing consumer expectations.

There is a famous story about Coca-Cola and Moxie Cola that illustrates this point. Most people haven’t heard of Moxie Cola, and there’s a reason why. Before the Great Depression, both beverage companies were fierce rivals, but when the stock market crashed in 1929 and times were tight, Moxie decided to cut their advertising program in favor of purchasing sugar for their product. Coca-Cola did exactly the opposite, bolstering their advertising campaign instead. It was a risky move, but look at Coca-Cola now. Moxie didn’t go under, they’re still around today, but they are nowhere near the global powerhouse Coca-Cola has become.

The same principles exist today. Good advertising is just as important, if not more important than, a good product. Many businesses are choosing to get a leg up on the competition by investing in simple ways to differentiate themselves. Digital signage is one way many businesses have been separating themselves from the pack. Converting to this new technology before your competitors may enhance the experience at your locations and help you attract customers.

Whether your competitors have upgraded to digital signage or not, the technology is not going away, and consumers are coming to expect them from the businesses they support. These versatile marketing tools are more than equipped to increase your sales and brand awareness. They may make the difference for your business amidst a struggling economy.