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Six Mistakes When Buying Digital Signage

Once the decision to get digital signage has been made, the path to successful deployment can be rough or smooth depending on the amount of research that has been done. So, to assist in the research process, here is a list of six problems that you may be faced with.

Mistake number 1 – Short-sighted budgets
Make sure your budget doesn’t just cover the initial system costs, but also includes software and hardware upgrades so you can stay current and get new features.

Mistake number 2 – Not thinking about expansion
Make sure not to shoot yourself in the foot by installing a system that isn’t flexible and can’t be added to or you’ll spend a lot more money buying a bunch of small systems instead of one that can be grown.

Mistake number 3 – Relying on one person
Consider a licensing agreement or a web-based system so more than one person can participate. You don’t want to have to start over every time a new person takes over.

Mistake number 4 – Not involving the people who’ll use the system until after you’ve bought it
Nobody wants too many cooks in the kitchen, but it’s better to get everyone’s input earlier rather than later.

Mistake number 5 – Falling in love with hardware
Don’t get caught up in media players or flat-screen TVs until you know which content management software you’ll be using. Remember, it’s the software that people will interact with.

Mistake number 6 – Not doing a networking survey
There’s nothing worse than hanging up a new screen and not being able to put anything on it because you didn’t know about some firewall or cabling issue. So make sure you have a qualified IT person do a survey of power, network connectivity and IT security policies for every location where you’ll have digital signage running.