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5 Digital Signage Stats That Will Shock You

Digital Signage Stats That WillShock You

Having become one of the most important forms of advertising in the modern world, digital signage plays a critical role in how we come across. It’s an incredibly useful solution for creating advertising that can constantly change, can fit with just about any audience and offers something truly unique.

However, many people are still wakening up to the effective power of digital signage. In a bid to help you see why companies like truDigital are so passionate about signage, here are some pertinent facts to help you understand why it’s growing so exponentially.


7 Reasons for Banks to Invest in a Digital Signage Solution

For some time now, businesses have been moving further away from the expense and reductive use of static signage. Not only does it cost huge volumes of money to have the signs made and installed, they cost a lot of money to keep changing as the message on the board only holds validity for a short space of time.

For that reason, many people choose to turn to digital signage. Companies like truDigital provide an easy way for banks to help move into a more cost-effective way of advertising. Since they can be changed at will, the relatively high cost of installation of a digital signage system in a bank will pay dividends when all advertising costs become so much cheaper in the years to come.


6 Benefits Of Digital Signage In Education

How Digital Signage Can Improve Education Today

For years, the idea of using digital signs has been reserved for marketing and, at a push, IT and telecoms. However, digital signage is a universal system; one that can provide a huge amount of assistance in many industries. In one industry in particular, though, companies like truDigital have been able to make major headway in the development and application of digital signage; education.

How, though, can the use of digital signage in an education environment make such a telling difference to the lives of the many? Let’s take a look at why this kind of service can play such an active role in the improvement of how people are learning in the modern world.


Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage in Health Care

How Can Digital Signage Help the Healthcare Industry?

For many years, one of the most important industries in the world – healthcare – has been struggling to break the technological barrier. With a challenge in providing the most up-to-date medical procedures in every location due to availability and affordability, many healthcare facilities still run on outdated and draconian tech systems. One system that has truly helped to improve the industry, though, and is quite universally available, is digital signage.

Companies like truDigital offer a helpful way to make the healthcare industry better. How do they make this possible?


5 Digital Signage Future Trends Set To Change The Market

The Future Trends of Digital Signage

For years now, the world of digital signage has been utilized in a way that allows for businesses to promote themselves in the best way possible. As ever, though, times change and even digital signage is beginning to see a whole new range of trends come in to add new challenges. At truDigital, one of the most important discoveries we make is the changing of ideas, styles and practicalities within the world of digital signage.