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How Your Waiting Room Can Increase Sales

How Your Waiting Room Can Increase Sales

If used correctly, digital signage can reduce perceived waiting time by providing something for the customer to engage in while services are being rendered. Sit a customer in front of a flat screen, and he or she will be right at home. Many companies pipe movies or cable into their waiting rooms, so how is digital signage any different? Not only will the patience of the customer increase, this waiting time can be valuable advertising time because the customer is a captive audience. Especially if they only have to wait 15 minutes or so, most customers will choose to wait rather than leave and come back.

One of the simplest examples of turning waiting time into sales opportunity can be seen in the automotive repair industry. While customers wait for the maintenance on their vehicles, many shops use digital menu board content to entertain, inform members of necessary automotive maintenance, and relay current specials and promotions. AutoNetTV provides a number of shops with the content they need to keep their waiting rooms productive. The same technique has been used in modern dental offices, featuring whitening procedures, orthodontics, or even payment plan options.

Some may argue that static posters, flyers, and other traditional marketing will suffice in their waiting rooms, but the efficacy of these archaic communication methods pales in comparison to digital signage. The dynamic, eye-catching displays grab attention much more effectively than paper.