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How To Use Digital Signage To Spice Up Your Holiday Work Party

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There are many flavors to choose from when the Christmas season comes knocking. These choices range from Secret Santas to Human Christmas Tree Pyramids. However, has it ever occurred to you that one easy, cheaper and more interesting way of fully engaging your employees at the holiday work party you have organized is through an interactive digital signage, particularly truDigital Signage. There are several ways to go about this and you can spice up this interesting moment with efficient and powerful content such as real-time Instagram collages or Twitter feeds, customized videos or graphics, among others.

truDigital signage has some high-definition TV screens to install in your offices to make your holiday work party the talk of the season and a leave you with a heaven-on-earth experience or memory.

1. Live Social Media

For your holiday party, choose an interesting, internal hashtag and implore your guests to keep posting all through the party- photos, videos, words, etc. An average sane person loves seeing his own face, photo, and content on the screen. truDigital utilizes the “screenception” concept that allows party-goers and attendees to caption their photos with the post on the screen. Moreover, with social signage, you can drive optimum social engagement at your holiday work party while your guests are engaged all through and entertained with tweets, live pictures and other stories about the night.

2. Employee Recognition

On your digital signage, we at truDigital can help put up some graphics describing “Employee of the Year” or other forms of award to employees. You can complement your holiday work party office awards with these graphics- as we believe is our responsibility. In short, you are affording the “lucky” employee some luxury of “shine” on the large screen.

3. Customized Graphics

On the digital signage, as we are ready to provide you for the Holiday Work Party, we can get sponsored advertising, videos of the company or other live polling displayed on the screen to get a kind of feedback while in turn, the attendees’ participation is largely increased during the event. With truDigital Graphics App, you can get your content scheduled in advance on either one or many screens at the same time. This is for the purpose of carrying everybody along and ensuring no attendee skipped an important activity or other forms of announcement.

You really do not need a second thought of whatever form to get some interactive digital signage incorporated into your office holiday work party this very season. Still, as many benefits as this present, you also get to encourage social bonding, your team morale gets boosted and in turn, an atmosphere of fun initiated and enhanced.

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