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How to Properly Use Audio With Your Digital Signage Solution

Audio can be a powerful tool when paired with a digital sign. Most often, the audio will be part of a video being displayed on your sign, but not always. Whether announcing a promotion, or the weather, audio can be a great way to catch the attention of a potential customer. It’s just another way digital signage outperforms traditional signage.

Make sure it’s audible
There are few things more frustrating than watching a video when the sound is too low. Unless your entire customer base can read the lips of an ever-present narrator, be sure to set the volume level to something within the human range of hearing.

Don’t be distracting
Overly loud or obnoxious audio has a place, but it may cause some customers to have a negative reaction to your brand. Customer demographics have a lot to do with it, but if your audio isn’t helping you get your message across, consider cutting it altogether.

Avoid needless repetition
Repetition can be useful, but if you’re using a digital sign in a waiting room, be sure to have a large enough media library to fill at least fifteen to thirty minutes. Hearing the same message over and over again is likely to irritate your waiting room occupants.

Pairing audio with your new digital sign can enhance the experience your customers have at your location. By following the rules above, you can help ensure success when using audio alongside your own digital signage.