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How to Position Your Digital Sign

How to Position Your Digital Sign

Digital signage is powerful, but placement is key to its effectiveness. The placement of your digital sign will be determined by a number of factors including traffic, and the number of digital signs you plan on employing. The following are a few basic guidelines to proper sign placement.

Consider the foot traffic in your store and place menu boards where they’re most likely to do the most good. One example of good traffic placement comes from the retail giant, Walmart. Recently, Walmart has launched a campaign to utilize digital signage at aisle caps. Their platform is extremely simple: One medium sized screen placed in the center of product playing a personal video ad about the surrounding product.

If you’re only using one digital sign, you’re going to want to make it count. Perhaps the most obvious place to use a digital sign is in a digital menu board, usually located behind the cash register. Depending on your type of business, this is probably the route you want to take if you’re only going with one digital sign because it is closest to the point of sale. If you’re using two or more digital signs, we recommend the digital menu board to start out, but consider making one of your other digital signs into a dedicated promotions piece. This way, every time a returning customer comes into your store, they know where to look for your specials and promos.