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Digital Signage Tip - Keep Your Content Fresh

How to Keep Your Digital Signage Content Fresh

Digital signage comes with a myriad of advantages, but when utilized improperly, it can fall just as flat as traditional media can on today’s audiences. Modern audiences expect dynamic, engaging content that holds some kind of value. Whether it be a promotion that could mean real savings, pertinent news and information, or a daily laugh, consumers need a reason to engage with your content. Digital signs are meant to be dynamic, easy-to-use displays that engage customers, not bore them.

Keeping your content interesting means keeping it fresh. If your customers are met with the same content day in and day out, the content will become stale to them, no matter how interesting it once was.

Regular promotions are a good way to make sure your content gets a decent overhaul on a consistent basis. As you change your promotions, be sure to switch up your color palette while you’re at it. This simple tweak could be enough to catch the attention of your customers.

Ideally, though, you should be finding ways to provide content your customers find valuable. How you achieve said value will vary depending on your customer’s demographics and lifestyle. If you’re having trouble staying on top of your content, try using something dynamic. A news feed, facebook feed, or simple quote of the day widget may be enough to catch the attention of your customers. Take note of how successful each change is, and use what works best.