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How to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Signage

While the physical signage technology you choose is important, display solutions are only as good at spurring customer interaction as the content your company is promoting. With so many mediums vying for customers’ attention, it’s easy for your well-intended message to be received as nothing more than visual spam. However, creating engaging content is easier than retailers think these days if they stick to these simple guidelines:

Research: Know your audience. Content must be personally relevant to the viewer. Know the personality traits of your demographic.

Planning: Plan engaging content that fits your strategy and is relevant to your audience. For instance, think through where your signage will be placed. It should be easy to read from 5-10 feet away. Additionally, scrolling or moving graphics should be displayed for no more (or less) than 7-10 seconds for maximum impact.

Building: Keeping display content clean and uncluttered with a good user interface will keep customers from being confused by too many messages. Making content intuitive and searchable will help ensure customers interact with the data intended for them. This searchable factor is maximized if you can offer customers with real-time unique data that can be transferred to other formats or their personal mobile devices.

Get it right: Getting it right is more important than getting it fast. Taking more time to get the content right will pay dividends when the digital signage is launched. For companies that are strapped for budget and time, it’s about quality not quantity.