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How Digital Signage Will Lower Your Operating Costs

How Digital Signage Will Lower Your Operating Costs

For most small businesses, operating costs consist of water, electricity, gas, supplies, etc. What if there was a way to drastically cut one of these bills? Think about the signage you currently have in your store. If it’s backlit by incandescent bulbs, you could be spending too much on electricity. Sure, there are florescent options, which offer some energy savings, but many florescent bulbs take time to warm up, and offer a drab backlight when compared to the sharp, polished look offered by digital signs.

Digital signs are sleek, classy, and can help pull new customers into your store, but the benefits don’t end with increased sales. Digital signage can also help you reduce your operating costs. Most flat screens these days (especially LED screens) have an energy star rating, which means they consume less electricity than previous models.

Depending on the service, digital signage can often pay for itself in operating costs in under a year, all the while increasing your sales numbers and enhancing the experience your customers have in your store. Increased sales and lower operating costs translate into higher profits, and who can say no to that? There has never been a better time to invest in digital signage.