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Green Garage Customers Can Now Display Their Rating On Their Digital Menu Board

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—December 10, 2013—truDigital announced today the integration between Green Garage and truDigital’s cloud-based digital signage solution.

truDigital worked with Green Garage to build an integration between the platforms in order to display several key “green” metrics, including suitability rating, a Greenhouse Gas rating, and an energy efficient rating on the Digital Menu Boards of select common customers.

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About Green Garage
The Find Green Garage public service is a, Grant funded, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program for locating various automotive service and repair facility(s) rated for Greenhouse Gas emissions in accordance with local government reporting requirements. Registration is subject to the building owner, or his/her/its authorized agent, verification of the facility energy performance and Green sustainability.

The Green Garage Challenge program is an independent certification and consumer-protection program to validate carbon footprint reduction at the automotive services level in accordance with the “truth in marketing” standards established in the U.S. and Canada.

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