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Going Green with Digital Signage

Going Green with Digital Signage

Relaying information to customers has been a battle since business was born. Companies have spent countless dollars in an attempt to capture consumer’s attention and communicate their message. Traditional marketing has required companies to print newspaper ads, mail ads, flyers, posters, and billboards, all of which have a significant impact on the environment. In the old days, consumers tended to be either unaware or uncaring, but in the last 15-20 years, an environmentally conscious movement has been making its way to the masses. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment, and many are electing to support companies who show environmental responsibility.

Cutting down on paper waste
By switching to digital signage, paper waste that would normally result from flyers, posters, and other traditional marketing is completely eliminated, and outdated information doesn’t mean thousands of flyers end up in a landfill somewhere.

Saving Energy
New energy-efficient technology available in LED flat screens translates to reduced usage of electricity versus traditional backlit menu boards. Displays can even be programmed to run during business hours only, so you’ll never forget to turn them off.

Digital signage can help you reach a larger audience than you ever thought possible. When your customers see that you’re using green-technology in your business, they’ll appreciate the respect you have for the environment, and be more likely to make a return visit.