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Five Ways to Make Your Digital Menu Board Pop

Five Ways to Make Your Digital Menu Board Pop

One of the first communication pieces a customer will encounter when entering a retail business is a menu board displaying products and pricing. Most menu boards are little more than bland, printed posters that can be rendered useless by price changes and promotions. But recently, other options have become available. In our technologically primed society, an increasing number of corporations are going digital.

Several high-profile companies like Burger King and Costco have recently begun incorporating these sleek, next-generation devices in their stores. The result is a clean, color-rich, professional look that can be altered without costly printing fees.

With digital menu boards, the sky is the limit as far as capabilities go, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure your new menu board is an effective sales tool.

Keep it Simple – Less is more in the case of menu boards. You want the customer to be able to sift through your products quickly and easily without distraction.

Categorize – As with traditional menu boards, your products should be categorized neatly, and naturally.

Consider Your Audience – Your menu board design should appeal to your target audience. A menu board in a women’s clothing store should look nothing like one from say…a pet store.

Customize – Take advantage of the ease of use. Consider adding your daily promotions to your menu board.

Showcase Your Brand – Just like all of your other marketing collateral, your menu board says something about your company. Make sure the design it fits in with your other design pieces and incorporates your branding.