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Finding the Right Digital Signage Service

Finding the Right Digital Signage Service

The purchase of a digital sign is a great step toward separating your business from the competition, but a great digital sign is more than just hardware. A successful digital sign requires great content to pull new customers in from off the street, and keep customers coming back. There are currently three main service solutions available to business owners, and each is a viable solution depending on the circumstances of the business in question.

Some companies provide customers with plug-and-play software which enables them to create their own content. This can be a cheap and easy way for business owners to produce content. The downside is, unless the business owner has or employs someone with experience in design, the results can be frustrating.

The second option is to work with a design shop or ad agency who would design the content for them. The switch is especially easy if the company in question already works with an agency that knows their customer base, branding, and messaging strategies.

The third option is to use a content syndication service. These companies provide pre-programmed content used mostly for waiting rooms. A prime example of this type of service is AutoNetTV utilized by a number of auto repair shops.

Weigh these three options carefully as you consider the digital signage company that’s right for your business and your customers.