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Drawbacks to Avoid with Digital Signage

Drawbacks to Avoid with Digital Signage

A common problem in business, mainly, the technology-inclined ones is the sunk cost fallacy. It is brought about when you continuously have to invest in some feature, at least to break even after you must have sunk money into the same but unfortunately, isn’t yielding as expected. The sunk cost issue can find its place within the digital signage network also unless you take necessary avoidable steps as discussed in the following:

1. Deploy, Then Leave

According to Rich Ventura, it is a crazy idea and an almost unbelievable one to deploy a digital signage solution and at the end, leave it alone. If you adopt this method, there is a tendency the solution fades out sooner than later when they lack the necessary support and updates. Similarly, you are most likely to encounter specific maintenance problems if you just roll out and ignore. Wouldn’t you rather opt for the much easier preventative maintenance measures as such offered by truDigital? One of these measures includes consistent measurement of the health of the system and doing so remotely. The point is, if you choose to deploy digital signage, you are borne with the corresponding responsibility of seeing to each stage of its life cycle. This is one service truDigital offers you.

2. No Invested Contact

Running digital signage requires a lot of effort and people; at least if you want to ensure it is run properly. Essential and major services like the content update, management, maintenance and adequate plus professional handling of the CMS are expected to be in charge or care of some provider, as it were. Also, if you do not pay close attention to this much needed invested contact as you can find with truDigital, the effects will mostly tell on your target audience. For instance, before Wade Johnson joined the audiovisual team of the George State University, they lacked a central contact which left the project hanging and failing to reach full potential. However, no sooner had they decided to work with a digital signage network provider, than they began to get amazing results and in turn, earn success.

3. Ignoring The Environment

Agreeably, one of the greatest enemies you can have in the digital signage deployment business is the environment. This is so because of various reasons, among which is the weather of such environment in case you have outdoor digital signage. Meanwhile, this issue can be catered to by following certain recommendations like dressing the digital signage for the weather with some tools like fans, AC units, plenum chambers, among others. These devices serve particular functions like creating an allowance of air via an enclosure to disperse heat and eliminate the expensive alternative ventilation systems. Before we deliver our digital signage products and networks to the end users, we at truDigital ensure all of these are in place. On the other hand, always ensure your digital signage are placed where customers can easily notice them. Take your time to study and understand customer’s paths all around your store to pick the ideal spot to reach out to them with your message.

Finally, since the goal of digital signage deployment is to send a message and engage the public, you, therefore, must try all you can to avoid these drawbacks that can distract you from performing or even damage efficient communication with customers.

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