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Digital Signage Technology For Improved Advertising Power

Digital Signage Technology For Improved Advertising Power

Technology, being the order of the day in this new age, is the sole driver of many notable changes we experience in our daily lives. Such change is exhibited in digital signage. Now, digital signage owners can take advantage of interactive marketing as it efficiently provides diverse ways through which advertising messages can be personalized and also, make them suitable for customers’ needs. 

There are a couple of technology tools that enhance the marketing strategies of sign owners, and of course, we at truDigital adopt a number of them. In the following “Good, Better, Best” model, the methods of improving the effectiveness of advertising are highlighted.

GOOD – Basic Digital Signs

Nowadays, digital signage owners can play around a couple of messages in just a day. Also, they are provided with software that has ready-made content for use at a go and in turn, allows for the creation of custom content. Those are the basic digital signs.

BETTER – Advanced Digital Signs

An experience of more advanced signs is birthed with software that affords owners a platform to do message scheduling by a different time of the day, and which after all, boosts the impact of messages.

This is a concept truDigital incorporates in its dealings. You can decide to schedule messages that promote the product you offer on a morning and evening basis. These signs come with cloud-based functions through which owners can schedule ads and in fact, initiate sign diagnostics anywhere they are.

BEST – Cutting Edge Signs

The cutting-edge signs are the most sought after and essential features of digital signage. These signs have characteristics of other recent advancements like the ability to use dynamic content and separate the signs into different advertising zones, proffer advertisers with a more powerful advertising medium, and others.

This is relatively appropriate for more significant signs and other forms of digital billboards that make use of segmenting. In other words, a single sign that has been divided into zones is capable of handling more than one or two pieces of content simultaneously. A very good example of this is how sign owners can decide to run promotional (static messages) the same time with dynamic content, with the combined effort aimed at changing and engaging customers.

Dynamic content has unique functions that allow advertisers to use as many changeable data as they want; such as countdowns, time, temperature, images boxes, RSS feeds, and others. This content functionality can help update messages automatically.

Moreover, the choice to use a template and design is an added advantage because dynamic content can give more information that offers frequent updates. Also, on an ad, an advertiser can integrate their service with countdown option. On this option, they get to create awareness about an upcoming sale or a time function through which drivers can be alerted about the time to tune in to their favorite programs.

Furthermore, other things that can be featured on digital signs are Twitter, Facebook messages, sports information, news, stock market ticker and a host of others. These will keep the boards engaging while at the same, ensure the brand is held at the forefront.

The general idea is, with today’s technology, sign owners can deliver significant and measurable results as against previous times.

Marketing Manager @trudigital