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2014 is Here! Get Your Digital Signage Plan Started Today

Digital Signage Start-Up Tips
When starting up a business using digital signage, it may be difficult to know what is needed. There is a lot to consider and without the proper direction or plan, it can cause a lot of unnecessary headaches. Here are some tips that may help:

Get the right people involved
Identify one technical leader –Technical leaders serve as the first point of internal escalation for technical issues. In addition to meeting initial network requirements, the system needs to be maintained over time.

Identify one content leader – Content leaders make decisions not only on the look and feel of the content, but will also decide who has access to create and approve content and where the content will play.

Build the infrastructure
All hardware (content manager, media players, displays and video distribution equipment) should be installed prior to the software implementation.

Understand the process
Make sure you understand the system requirements prior to the implementation date and review the implementation checklist with all parties.

Plan your content
List the types and sources for communications you’ll want to publish, think about using content that you already have and determine who can contribute, what creative resources you have and what approval process you’ll employ, if any.

Start simple
Creating content may be overwhelming, so start with one content block for corporate or campus-wide announcements.