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Digital Signage “Musts” That Make the Difference

When it comes to building a creative and cohesive digital signage design, you need to be smart about how you go about doing so. To grab the attention of a customer, you need to be using intelligent imagery.

Since your business needs to be able to provide a unique and enjoyable customer experience in general, you need to be able to first interact with a person to get them interested in the first place.

How, though, can you make sure that your digital signage makes this possible? What determining factors make the difference?

Keep It Simple

First off, you need to be prepared to keep it nice and simple. The advancement of technology and the on-demand lifestyle we lead means that most people have, at most, eight seconds before they’ll look elsewhere. Instead of having a semi-cinematic advert that lasts for 30-40 seconds, break it down into much more digestible, and enjoyable, chunks. Doing this can play a critical role in making sure that people get the message, take it in, then act.

Make It Contextual

Another mistake is using signage in the wrong kind of place. A digital sign in a restaurant that showcases the latest deals and the main menu is a good time to use a sign. Having the menu as a large billboard in the middle of the street, though? Less so. Instead, invest time in deciding the right environment. Deliver the right message in the right area – a billboard outside of a gym promoting sportswear makes perfect sense, for example.

Prepare and Experiment

Before you make your signage go public, ask yourself how it’s going to be interacted with people. Does it require them to take in more than just a website URL or a social media page? What is the lead part of the imagery that is going to get people’s attention? How do people benefit from looking at the image in the first place? Basically, be prepared to experiment and change the primary message or point if necessary.

Ensure It’s Visible

Another mistake that many digital signage designs make is being too low-resolution to be clear, or too dull to be spotted. A 4K image is going to be much sharper, and when you add an extra layer of brightness to proceedings, it changes the whole look of the imagery entirely. However, don’t make the sharpness of the image the prime selling point: use it to enhance what’s on screen to increase visibility, not the primary positive of the signage itself.

Build Something Fresh

Also, you need to be able to deliver something that is actually going to draw the attention of the customers. From adding in a QR code to sign up for social media alerts that can provide discounts to advertising new and upcoming services, you can use your digital signage as more than just a gambit to get people to come through the door. Take your time with this, and you can be much fresher with your ideas and your presentation than beforehand.

The most significant mistake you could make with digital signage, though, is not using it. Make sure that, regardless of the challenge involved in getting it right, you utilize the wonderful power that digital signage can provide your business with.