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Digital Signage Market To Reach 31.7 Billion By 2025

In the year 2016, the global digital signage market size had its estimation at USD16,044.1 million and according to a study conducted by Research and Markets, the digital signage market has been predicted to reach the 31.71 billion USD mark by 2025 within the forecast period of 2014-2025. In addition, the market as a whole is anticipated to witness a 7.9% CAGR over the period forecast. This is for no other reason than the increase in demand for the services and accompanying products from end-use industries. On a large note, these are the retail and healthcare industries, which are expected to stir the growth of the industry through the period.

This interesting growth is attributed to the demand for the digital products and services to be promoted or enhanced enough to effectively attract the target audience. Meanwhile, there are certain factors that can be attached to or expected to drive these demands. Some of these include the increasing evolution of products such as home monitoring systems, succinct advertisement content, etc. All of these factors are duly put into consideration by truDigital to better serve its customers because we can relate to the increasing demand by our customers to adopt advanced products, especially the ones that need a level of digitized information management and are accessible from remote locations.

Creating and distributing content with digital signage networks are some of the strategies considered effective enough for promoting the enterprises. In other words, they have all it takes in width and breadth to reach out to a large enough audience and in turn, engage as many as possible. Furthermore, this would induce the way digitized marketing (which has become the order of the day lately) is adopted on a digital signage platform that cuts across such sectors as corporate and hospitality. For instance, it is expected that greater screen sizes, (especially with the ones that have more than 52-inch displays) become more popular over the time forecast.

In addition, digital signages that incorporate the 4K technology are sooner than later begin to review the growing desires of customers for sharp images. For this reason, software providers are constantly targeting new entrants into the industry by improving their design solutions to suit compatibility with Android OS, to a large extent. truDigital is aware of this and as a digital signage provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction, we are following this trend accurately and projecting our prospect as well as a reason to serve you better over the forecast period.

Consequently, IoT’s emergence plus relentless and increasing use of cloud computing is anticipated to trigger easy collection of the necessary operational and marketing data, and in turn, enhance them even further. Also, agreeably, digital signage network provisions as offered by truDigital can help decrease our long-term costs of operation by reducing advertisement with paper. The incorporation of LED-backlit panels into digital signage solutions has brought about a great deal of energy savings. This fact cannot be underestimated after all.

With the wealth of uncompromising products truDigital offers to meet your digital signage needs and concerns, you can tap into this unlimited opportunity and get even better.