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Digital Signage + Government Access Channel = Success!

We recently had one of our customers come to us with a unique request. They wanted to take our digital signage platform and have it run on their government access channel provided to them by the local cable provider for the city.

Most cities in the US are given a “Public Access Channel” to use within their city boundaries. This allows the city to post informational content for it’s residents. The problem with this is most of the time they have to rely on a highly skilled technician to update the content each time things change. In some instances we have seen cities offer their channel up to the local community college to have them help update the channel. This really doesn’t give the city the control and consistent messaging they need. It is really dictated by the group or individual that is updating the content. In some cases the community college starting running their own information that did not relate to the city directly.

As you can imagine changing the content is usually a pretty big ordeal. So we decided to make it “Easy to Use”. With our solution implemented for the face of the content on the government access channel, the communications department could easily login and change the content themselves, within a matter of minutes. No phone call or email waiting for the tech to update the content, simply done in a matter of minutes. This also allowed the communications department to update content while they were at out of the office, on vacation or during nights and weekends.Keeping their brand and messaging consistent was finally achieved.

For all interested parties, you can contact us via our website for more information.