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Cross Promotion, Upselling and Digital Signage

Cross Promotion, Upselling and Digital Signage

Every business has a popular product; that cornerstone item that makes customers antsy with anticipation. These cornerstone products are important to any business, and can keep the customers coming back, but most businesses see their highest markup in auxiliary products or accessories. For example, a mobile phone retailer may sell top-of-the-line mobile phones, but the margins they receive from say, phone cases and adhesive protectors is much higher than the margin for the device itself. The customer is often so wrapped up in that star product, that they forget or undervalue accessories at the point of purchase. In addition, sales people are often more eager to sell the big-ticket item, or are afraid of alienating the customer, and therefore don’t push too hard on accessories. Don’t you wish there was a way to sell every customer on your cornerstone product AND increase accessory sales?

The answer is digital signage.

Digital signage can breathe new life into your accessory sales by automatically promoting them at the register. Your salespeople won’t have to worry as much about upsetting that flighty customer with an upsell, and the customer is met with dynamic content that showcases your accessories right.

In the automotive industry, digital signage is becoming a no-brainer. Extra services that customers need anyway, such as wiper-blade replacements, are being advertised in the waiting room, and sales have improved as much as 30%. But whatever your business, regardless of industry, increased accessory sales can make a big impact on revenue. Put digital signage to work for your business and watch those numbers climb.