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Change is Good - in Moderation

Change is Good – in Moderation

Digital menu boards represent a leap forward in the level of technology available to restaurants and retail stores. Depending on the service, they can be remarkably simple to change on the fly, and can help your business stand out among the competition. However, if you’re not careful, this power and flexibility can lead to potential confusion for your customers.

Just because you can change your prices, menu items, and specials, doesn’t mean you should make a habit of doing so. Changing things too often can conflict with your customer’s expectations and lead to frustration. Consumers in general expect consistency in the businesses they frequent. Among other things, they expect clean facilities, stable prices, and a relatively consistent menu that they can easily navigate.

If your menu board changes dramatically on a daily basis, your customers may have trouble finding their favorite products, and may be annoyed at the effort it takes to do something that should be simple – like ordering a bagel. This annoyance may seem trivial, but if your customer has a more consistent experience at a competitor’s location, you may lose them altogether.

To avoid this problem, decide on an attractive initial layout and stick with it. It’s okay to tweak your specials and promotions now and again, and maybe even have them rotating on a slide show, but keep your best sellers in a convenient, easy-to-find place. Your customers will thank you for it.