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Benefits Of Using Multiple Digital Signage Layouts

Today’s world has transcended to Audio-visual, that’s why digital signage is gradually taking over displays for maximum impact. There’s no denying that digital media has usurped the media industry and particularly the most influential marketing metric of all – the ability to capture and engage consumers’ attention.

Businesses can capitalize on these focal points with digital signage because if digital marketing is capturing audience interest, multiple eye-catching display layouts will only support such efforts.

So what is a digital signage layout?

It is the arrangement of items on your screen. It’s comprised of a background image that fills the screen and shows messages, date, tickers and time, set over that image.

You may have a beautiful screen layout with your brand components and intriguing content; however, to efficiently connect with your audience, you need multiple layouts. We recommend you use at least 3-4 layouts and change them hourly.   

Here are the top benefits of using multiple display layouts:

1. Capture More Attention:
Connecting with your audience starts with capturing their attention. For instance, if you keep using the same layout throughout the day, your audience will get accustomed to it and disregard your content over time.

2. Reach multiple viewers faster:
Different viewers require different layouts. If you have a screen in a zone where individuals pass by rapidly, you have a better opportunity of reaching out to them faster with simple fewer blocks of information as opposed to making them decode three messages blocks and a ticker in a short period. Also, if you have a place where viewers invest more time, let’s say a lounge or a lobby, you can make use of multiple layouts to engage them and pass more information.

3. Enhance Readability:
In case you’re utilizing 16:9 PowerPoint slides, messages, or video, you need to ensure there’s sufficient room in your design with the goal that content isn’t distorted.

You need to remember resolution and ratios when planning both layout and messages, and you have to ensure multiple messages have enough space to be readable from a distance. Multiple layouts can amplify the affect of various ratios (for better or for worse), so make sure your content is suitable for each space on your screen.

4. Avoid Burn in:
Burn in is as a result of leaving a static image on the screen over an extended period. After some time, you’ll see a “phantom” or burn in of that picture. It’s common to CRT and plasma displays. In spite of the fact that LCDs are less inclined to burn in, they aren’t immune to similar impacts. For LCDs, it’s called “video memory”– its effect is the same as CRT but works differently.

Do you need help in organizing multiple layouts or want advice with content strategy? At truDigital, we can help you achieve your goals, ensure you capture more attention, reach multiple viewers faster, enhance your readability and avoid burn-in.

Marketing Manager @trudigital