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Creating Content your Audience Loves

More and more companies are embracing an interactive component to their marketing and sales strategies. It proves to be an excellent way to connect with their customer base and provides an additional revenue stream. However, installing a touchscreen kiosk or video wall doesn’t guarantee success or engagement from your customers. When it comes to your interactive experience, content is king. Here are some basic tips for creating content that your audience will love.

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10 Types of Digital Signage Content

A major factor to consider when choosing a digital signage software is what type of digital signage content the solution offers. Most digital signage software solutions offer various “templates” or “packages” for you to choose from like truDigital.

Even if you already know what kind of digital signage content you want to display, you may be surprised at the options that are available to you. Here are our 10 examples of great digital signage content!
1.) In-store promotions & campaigns | Use for: retail, restaurants, hospitality
2.) Motivational quotes | Use for: office spaces, gyms
3.) Menu boards | Use for: restaurants
4.) Directory boards | Use for: real estate, schools, offices
5.) Video advertisements | Use for: retail, restaurants
6.) Alert systems | Use for: schools & universities
7.) News | Use for: real estate, offices
8.) Waitlist | Use for: cafes
9.) Web pages | Use for: office spaces
10.) Social media walls | Use for: office spaces, retail, restaurants, hospitality

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6 Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a type of electronic display that is used to advertise and build awareness of new products. This type of signage is usually found in hotels, retail and fast food outlets, airports and train stations, among other places.

When compared to traditional print advertising and billboards, digital signage carries a number of benefits which include:

1-Reduced costs
While the initial outlay for the sign may be a lot more than what a print ad would cost the money that will be saved on printing costs further down the line.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Signage

In today’s fast moving consumer environment, companies trying to promote their brand are turning to digital signage as a proven platform to “get their message across”. The issue is, unless you are doing it right, your message just becomes ‘wallpaper’.

truDigital has defined the top five do’s and don’ts in order to successfully market your company, products and/or services to your existing and potential customer base.


  1. Define the message that you want to promote. Stick to that message and ensure that it is included in all content that you deploy