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Benefits of Digital Signage in Education

You might want to question the correlation between the two topics. Meanwhile, educational institutions have been forced to accept digital signage in totality. The evolution of a digital media culture is responsible for this. Now, the next question would be for what purpose? The simple answer to this is for engaging audiences that are not readily reachable via existing traditional methods.

Now, this need has prompted digital signage providers like truDigital to incorporate its services into the education sector. It has become a trend and ranks among the top ten fastest-growing markets in the digital signage space. Similarly, the reach of digital signage and how much penetration it has into the education sector is responsible for its position as one of the major digital signage markets across the globe.


Digital Signage Market To Reach 31.7 Billion By 2025

In the year 2016, the global digital signage market size had its estimation at USD16,044.1 million and according to a study conducted by Research and Markets, the digital signage market has been predicted to reach the 31.71 billion USD mark by 2025 within the forecast period of 2014-2025. In addition, the market as a whole is anticipated to witness a 7.9% CAGR over the period forecast. This is for no other reason than the increase in demand for the services and accompanying products from end-use industries. On a large note, these are the retail and healthcare industries, which are expected to stir the growth of the industry through the period.


7 Rules to Deliver Engaging Content

Ask yourself, is my digital content pulling in more interest and customer engagement or getting the audience confused and/or uninterested? According to an Intel study, 400% more views than static signage are captured by digital communications. However, digital content are not all created equal as there are varied forms of digital communications and strategies adopted by each digital signage company. At truDigital, we understand the essence of capable content and follow the recent trend and advancement in technologies to the core. Basically, we combine content and context to achieve this and truDigital would stop at nothing to convey the necessary information. The following are some of the general rules to adopt in designing as well as delivering an effective digital communication/signage:


How To Use Digital Signage To Spice Up Your Holiday Work Party

truDigital- We create attractive, engaging and compelling digital signage for businesses nationally.

There are many flavors to choose from when the Christmas season comes knocking. These choices range from Secret Santas to Human Christmas Tree Pyramids. However, has it ever occurred to you that one easy, cheaper and more interesting way of fully engaging your employees at the holiday work party you have organized is through an interactive digital signage, particularly truDigital Signage. There are several ways to go about this and you can spice up this interesting moment with efficient and powerful content such as real-time Instagram collages or Twitter feeds, customized videos or graphics, among others.


Ways Of Accurately Measuring Digital Signage ROI

Ways Of Accurately Measuring Digital Signage ROIA

Accurate measurement of ROI for your digital signage network is germane to the success of your business. The essence of this is to justify how much your business has invested in a digital signage network as well as to adjust (where necessary) the deployment, content and other variables to increase the impact of your network immediately it kicks off. Accurate measurement of ROI is not an easy process. Hence, you should incorporate the development of the right and needed measurements into your plans and network testing.