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Advantages of Upgrading Software for Digital Signs

Keeping your digital sign software current constantly provides you with new features and access to optional capabilities that provide new ways to import, create, manage and deliver content.

In addition, upgrading to current and better software provides more and varied methods of communicating messages that will help retain viewer interest. It also improves opportunities for effective messaging as the audience continues to become more sophisticated in their communication methods.

With most upgrades, new tools are provided to make system maintenance and software upgrades easier, which translates into less downtime and more efficiency. Forward thinking is vital. For the most part, upgrades from a more recent version are smoother, especially when a major revision is released.

Upgrading hardware is also recommended to support software upgrades in order to prevent slow or degraded performance. Furthermore, content management systems and media players need to support new operating systems ensuring smooth system performance.

Even if the current version meets needs and additional features aren’t warranted, you should still consider the system advantages of software upgrades.