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5 Paths Leading to Your Ultimate Digital Signage Destination

If you want to reach a diverse audience in an engaging, impactful way, you need to step up your digital signage game. With an increasingly competitive market, replete with vendors of all sizes, you need to figure out a way to take your skills to the next level and deliver a product that is fresh, unforgettable, and something your clients simply cannot function without.

Great plan! Now how to execute it? The name of the game is simplicity, supported by a few key tricks – five, to be exact. Are you ready to set your digital signage apart from the rest? Check out these five paths to your ultimate digital signage destination.

Don’t Overthink Your Initiative
Easier said than done, but adding pressure onto the product you’re trying to create will only prove frustrating and, ultimately, fruitless. Think about the content that has caught your personal attention in the past. In all likelihood, the campaign was a simple one – clear, effective, and… memorable. Ask yourself what is key to this content? What information does the audience absolutely need to know? Isolate this information and make sure it takes center stage. Cluttered signage will bury your message and possibly confuse the consumer. So, embrace the minimalist philosophy because when it comes to impactful digital signage, less really is more.

Don’t Settle When it Comes to Style
Mark Twain is credited with saying, “The difference between the right and wrong word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” The same proves true for text design details like font, colors, and size. Another expression – “The devil is in the details.” Too true, and those very details can arguably compromise the efficacy of your digital signage.

Select Your Shades Carefully
A few carefully chosen colors will support, rather than suffocate your content. Don’t overwhelm the audience with a wash of colors that compete with one another or worse – clash. Are you noticing a pattern here? Simple and selective are your guiding principles when it comes to color scheme. Think about the emotions that certain colors evoke in you. Do you find that certain shades of yellow, for example, look institutional, while others are inspiring? Consider how your text will look set against this color scheme. Is there enough contrast or is there a chance certain characters will get lost in the spectrum?

Settle Down
When it comes to motion, animation, and silhouettes, settle into a slower gear so that your audience doesn’t wind up cross-eyed while trying to keep up with the speed. Before you animate, think cruise control.

If you choose to include video in your digital signage, aim to only feature high definition clips. They look more professional and are well worth the investment. Remember, you’re trying to establish yourself against those other guys. These investments add up and enhance your brand’s image in the content community.

Channel Your Creativity
There’s nothing like reading a cautionary post about what not to do with respect to creating compelling digital signage; particularly one that wraps with a call for creativity. But, content creation is, after all, an exercise in taking the carefree impulses of your imagination and channeling them into controlled, consumer-focused content.