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Measuring Your Digital Signage ROI

Digital Signage has experienced a rapid increase in popularity as more and more organizations realize the value this technology can add. In addition to allowing for live audience interactions, compared to what used to be just static paper advertisements, digital signage creates a prime opportunity for brand building while also influencing customer behavior in real-time.

It creates a stimulating environment, engaging the customer and impacting short- and long-term behaviors. However, simply throwing money at digital signage won’t deliver the best return on your investment. Here are some guidelines for measuring your digital signage ROI.


5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Interactive Experience

What appear to be small pitfalls and mistakes can often times lead to big problems when it comes to creating an effective experience from start to finish. Are you guilty of committing an interactivity crime? Take a look at our top five tips below to find out.

Public sector

4 Ways Digital Signage Makes The Public sector run better

It wasn’t that long ago that digital signage was considered expensive and out of reach for most organizations. However, as the technology has matured and costs have come down it has become practical and useful for all organizations, including for public sector such as cities, towns, state and federal governments, and schools.

Public sector entities are increasingly turning to digital signage as they discover the many ways it can help these organizations operate and use tax dollars more efficiently. In fact, the public sector may prove to be one business type that benefits disproportionately from digital signage. Here are four ways digital signage can make the public sector run better.

internal comm

How Digital Signage Can Improve Internal Communications In the workplace

If you were to ask any employer what they would like to see from their workforce, answers such as “loyal,” “driven” and “committed” would most likely be the most popular — not forgetting, of course, the age old “always willing to go the extra mile.” It is a natural ambition for any corporation to aim for high levels of productivity from their employees, and numerous studies have shown a direct link between a company achieving increased revenue and generally better results when their workforce is highly engaged. If you aren’t convinced, research by Dale Carnegie Group found that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202 percent.


4 Challenges for Retail Digital Signage

Digital signage has the potential to produce some undeniably cool retail experiences. Using digital signage in retail isn't something you should rush into, especially if your budget isn't limitless. Mistakes make for higher costs and poor results.

Here are four common problems for you to identify and avoid.

1. Planning
Many of the biggest problems retailers run into have the same issue at their root: Incomplete or rushed planning.